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Kiowa County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
HOBRT I-1 Hobart: Hobart 100.90
SD-1 I-1 Hobart 100.90
LNWLF I-2 Lone Wolf: Lone Wolf 84.04
SD-2 I-2 Lone Wolf 84.04
GOTBO I-3 Mt View Gotebo: Gotebo 108.45
MTVIW I-3 Mt View Gotebo: Mt View 108.45
SD-3 I-3 Mt View Gotebo 108.45
MTPRK I-4 Snyder: Mt Park 74.42
ROSEV I-4 Snyder: Roosevelt 74.42
SNYDR I-4 Snyder: Snyder 74.42
SD-4 I-4 Snyder 74.42
1-WAS JI-1 Sentinel 72.12
2-COM JI-2 Indiahoma 83.91
33-CD JI-33 Carnegie 93.09
54-JK JI-54 Blair 74.62